Entrance Matting – Reduce Slips, Trips & Falls

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There are a wide variety of entrance mats and or matting systems available. In the current culture of insurance injury claims, this is now more important than ever to ensure your entrance, reception and building has the relevant safety matting to protect you from such claims. This should be a particular consideration given high priority in a publicly accessed building.
Both primary and secondary entrance matting can be of vital importance, helping to reduce dirt, wet and moisture from entering a building. Thus, reducing slips, trips and falls.


Businesses and Contractors must be educated in the right systems to fit the project, from the technical requirements of heavy traffic areas, to the newest possibilities offered by the vast number of modern ever growing ranges of brightly coloured products available on the market.

Aluminium Logo Mat

Logo’s can be inset into a range of entrance matting to create an impressive, yet still effective addition to a reception or foyer.
Master Matting has a huge range of loose lay matting ranges, both standard and bespoke sizes, shaped and ramp edged for extra safety to the clients specification. In addition to this our Installations team can provide the more technical advice for heavy, high traffic areas. Providing expert advice, site survey reports and quotations to each project specification and layout, and of course Fessi Trained Master Fitters to carry out such installations.


Research tells us that up to 90% of all dirt present on the floor has been walked in from the outside. In addition to causing cleaning and maintenance issues, this can also permanently damage the flooring finish. This backs up the need for a high quality and effective entrance system. Reducing cleaning and maintenance costs in the long run.

Dirtmaster Foyer

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Master Matting – Story time revolution!

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The importance of Story time in schools is an important part of the day, allowing children precious winding down time at the end of the school day. It’s #backtoschool for many this week and #firstdayofschool for lots of young children. We at Master Matting are making it our mission to transform these areas into, bright, colourful, welcoming, comfy and safe places for children to settle down on to listen to the story. Join us in our Story Time Revolution! Hashtag #StoryTimeRevolution @MasterMatting on Twitter. www.mastermatting.com or email sales@mastermatting.com 

Most schools have the children sitting on an old rug or directly on the carpet. We have a variety of ranges that would suit such an area for story time. In a variety of colours and textures. We feel every Primary and Early Years classroom in the country could benefit from one of our mats. Making story time a comfortable experience and keeping the children’s attention on the story rather being distracted with how uncomfortable and itchy the floor maybe.

Storymaster by Master Matting are the ideal carpets for reading corners and quiet areas.

Story Master Original 

  • Approx 13mm deep
  • Warm and noise-reducing to enhance discussion, drama and story time.
  • Can be loose laid and stored when not in use.
  • Hard wearing, made from 100% polypropylene.
  • Passes British Standard Flammability Test BS5287 assessment and labelling of textile floorcoverings tested to BS7490 (Hot Metal Nut Test) Low radius of Char BS EN 1351:2002 Euroclass Efl s1 (sheet)
  • Rubber beveled edge to mats. Reduces slips and trips.
  • Standard and bespoke sizes available
  • 4 colours available Blue, Green, Red and Purple
  • Two tone mats and Multi colour check mats available
  • Circular mats available in a 2m, 3m and 4m diameter.

 Storymaster Soft

  • Soft to the touch pile, suitable for Early Years.
  • Approx 10mm deep.
  • Warm and noise reducing to enhance discussion, story time and drama.
  • Can be loose laid and stored when not in use.
  • Passes European Standard Flammability Test EN13501-1.
  • Rubber beveled safety edging. Reduces slips and trips.
  • Standard and bespoke sizes available.
  • A wide range of 6 colours available.
  • Two tone and Multicolour check mats available.
  • Circular mats available in a 2m, 3m and 4m diameter.

Play Master

PlayMaster by Master Matting are the ideal carpets for nurseries, primary reading corners and quiet areas, Early Years, Museums, soft play gyms and more.

  • Approx 8mm deep
  • Warm and noise-reducing to enhance story time concentration and comfort.
  • Can be loose laid and stored when not in use.
  • Bright and colourful, encouraging learning through interaction and play.
  • Soft to the touch pile carpet material.
  • Passes European Standard Flammability Test EN13501-1.
  • Rubber beveled safety edge to mats. Reduces slips and trips.
  • CE-Certificate of Conformity 2014_EN.
  • Standard sizes, square designs are 2m x 2m or circular are 2m diameter.

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