Edging Services

Edging Services

Master Matting's unique ramped rubber edging, which eradicates the slips and trips of conventional matting.

Ramped Safety Edge

Effective, high- quality Entrance Matting requires substantial rubber edging  which keeps the mats stable and considerably reduces the risk of dangerous slips and falls.

RampSafe rubber safety edging is a product pioneered by Master Matting.  RampSafe rubber edging is produced especially for Master Matting to our own design and specification.  It is fitted as standard to most of our product range.

RampSafe rubber edging consists of a high quality, heavy duty, non-marking rubber moulded extrusion with a flange into which the material is sewn and/or adhered and a ramped profile which is tapered to a thin edged.  The edging is first made into a ‘gasket’ into which the material is fitted exactly before being fixed into place.  It should be noted that each corner is pressure moulded to ensure that the finished gasket is of one piece.

The functions of RampSafe rubber edging are to enhance and prolong the performance, safety and life of the mat by helping prevent the edges of the material curling and raveling, also giving enhanced stability when loose-laid.  RampSafe rubber edging is particularly useful where wheelchair traffic is encountered, as the ramping helps allow ease of passage for wheelchairs and prams.

RampSafe rubber edging can be fitted to both straight edged, curved and shaped mats.

Our hand crafted methods of making mats to order ensure a quality finish and long lasting product.

We can also provide an Edging Service for suitable carpeting.

RampSafe rubber edging is available in the following depths:

  • Standard Profile for 6mm – 8mm thick matting
  • Medium Profile for 8mm –  10mm thick matting
  • Deep Profile for 10mm – 12mm thick matting

Please feel free to call our friendly sales team today to discuss our edging services further or for help, advice and/or sample requests.


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