The Importance of Good Entrance Matting

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Master Matting Group understands the importance of good, high quality entrance matting. This can have many factors for a business when done correctly. Cleaning costs can be reduced as the dirt and wet is stopped at the entrance mat. Good ramp safe rubber edging can reduce risk of costly slips and trips. Primary and secondary matting in high traffic areas can make a huge difference to a building. Ensure you have the relevant coverage to ensure dirt and wet foot traffic does not enter your building. Contact us for further advice

We make handmade entrance mats in both standard and bespoke sizes. Ramp edged or unedged. We specialise in insetting Logo designs into barrier matting giving your entrance a welcoming feel and the wow factor at the same time as being a practical entrance mat.






Both primary and secondary entrance matting can be of vital importance, helping to reduce dirt, wet and moisture from entering a building. Thus, reducing slips, trips and falls.


All our interior Playmaster and Storymaster ranges all come complete with our ramped safety edging to reduce movement and slips and trips. In addition to this these mats are warm and have a noise reducing affect on a room.

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