Winter is Coming! Prepare with Master Matting!

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Britain is set to be colder than Iceland in the coming days, The ‘Beast from the East’ is set to cause temperatures to plummet .
Reportedly more snow is heading for the UK in the next week, and the country should brace itself for yet another cold snap.
Biting Siberian winds, pulled over from the east, with even daytime temperatures struggling to get above zero. More snow will blanket the UK, causing yet more commuter chaos up and down the country.

Get your entrances prepared for icy temperatures and possible snow ensuring your building is safe from accidents, slips and falls.

It is important to take consideration in investing or replacing some or all, current mats with heavy duty, durable matting designed for a range of purposes including professional commercial use.

First you need to review and evaluate your current mat set up for entrance areas. There are a few pointers below.

  • Have you got both external and internal matting in place? To ensure maximum moisture, dirt and wet? If not, it’s important to implement such mat system for maximum dirt trapping. It is a well known fact that 70-80% of interior soiling enters buildings via foot traffic. Accidents occur due to wet and slippery surfaces. Dual entrance matting systems can radically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door reducing cleaning & maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards.
  • Your existing mats, are they correct size for your entrance area? Can they cope with the foot traffic coming through your building daily? It takes several footsteps to effectively dry someone’s shoes. An indicator that the wrong size of mats are in place, is if you have wet footprints beyond your current matting.
  • Can your current mats cope with wheelchairs, mobility vehicles, prams and possibly shopping trolleys? Do your mats ‘creep’ and edges curl up? Do your edges rip away as a result? If your answer is yes, then this does suggest that your mats need replacing with a more heavy duty product designed for commercial/industrial use. Mats that creep and curl act as a potential health and safety risk and should be removed immediately to avoid any injury. Master Matting’s Ramp Safe Rubber Edging comes as standard on our entrance mats and are DDA compliant.
  • Lastly, consideration should be given to which external and internal mats are best suited for your building/environment. We have a vast range of suitable products that are great mats, popular with many sectors ranging from schools, offices, retail, hospitals and hotels. Please use the contact form below or alternatively, visit our Sectors page for guidance
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