Master Matting Group

Master Matting Group is a family-run group of ever expanding businesses supplying, installing, manufacturing and maintaining a diverse range of custom-made entrance matting / matting systems to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Master Matting Manufactures Superior Handmade and Made to Measure matting to the Education and Healthcare Sector. You will also find our products in thousands of Public Buildings and Schools throughout the UK.

Many products incorporate our unique ‘ramp-safe’ edging – a proven safety and non-slip feature.

Our products are tested and approved by all the leading Education Catalogues in the UK. We are currently contracted to service High Street Supermarket Chains, Hotel Groups, Airports, Train Stations, Hospital Trusts and Shopping Centres.

Our skilled technicians are always available to supply the best possible entrance matting to suit our clients safety requirements and budget.

Testimonials and photographs of our work are available on request.