Master Matting can offer repair services subject to inspection.

Return and Repair Service


Formed in 1984, Master Matting have manufactured and supplied Entrance and Classroom mats to thousands of schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Master Matting can offer a repair service to most types of matting, subject to inspection. Matting can get damaged through a variety of ways which can lead to Health and Safety issues.

Many Secondary schools and colleges have DirtMaster, RibMaster or DuoMaster mats at their entrances; some Primary and Infant schools have StoryMats in their classrooms and a LogoMat at the main entrance.

With increasing pressure on Education Budgets and with many schools employing our range of mats throughout their buildings, Master Matting offers a comprehensive Return and Repair Service , which our many customers can use to keep their matting products in tip-top condition at a fraction of the cost of replacements.

To activate Return and Repair:

  • Send photos of damaged mats to together with a description of the repairs you require.
  • Based on your requirements, we will e-mail a quote by return.
  • On your acceptance, will send you out sufficient packaging and arrange a collection from your premises back to our factory in Halifax.
  • We will repair the mats to your instruction and send out the finished mats back to you,

This process will usually be within 14 days of carrier collection.

Return and repair is available to all Customers within the UK.


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