Specialist Mats

Specialist Mats

Master Matting provides a variety of specialist matting solutions for a variety of purposes throughout a building.

Specialist Mats

Master Matting specialises in solving trip and slip problems for clients.
Our bespoke matting services are regularly used by some of the largest Companies in the world.

Case Study 1 A World-Famous Technology Company

The Problem

Close to Christmas in 2013, we were asked to examine serious wet- weather slip
problems on our Client’s glass staircases in their retail stores throughout the UK
and Europe. Water was tracking via customers’ feet onto the glass steps rendering
them dangerous to use in wet weather.
What We Did

We designed a rubber hooking system attached to a shaped mat which held by
gravity on each of the glass steps.
The store staff could lay the mats onto the steps in wet weather and remove and
store the mats in dry weather.
The Result

Our Client reported that their new mats completely eradicated the slip problems,
enabling their customers to safely access the glass staircases in wet weather.




Case Study 2 Café Royal London

The Problem

This world- famous hotel / restaurant contacted us just before Christmas 2016.
Their prestigious building opens directly onto Regent Street and our Client needed
a number of small but effective logo mats to reduce slip and fall incidents. The
mats needed to be of a shape to fit a circular door, be edged to prevent
creep / trippage and advertise the Café Royal logo.
What We Did

We designed and installed two of our hand-made Logo Mats, which were specially
shaped to complement the revolving door and edged with our Ramp-Safe Edging
which is sewn to the cloth.
The Result

Our Client reported a pleasing result:
Reduced risk of slip / fall
Shaping to suit the interior look
A bright and pleasing welcoming message for their incoming customers
Please Note Just after Christmas Café Royal contacted us again to make them further mats,
so their staff could rotate the existing mats.


Case Study 3 Allied Irish Bank Dublin

The Problem

The Bank contacted us in Spring 2013 reporting a large building with ceramic tiles,
Which were slippery when wet. The existing mat wells were small in relation to the
volume of foot-traffic and there were small loose-lay mats employed further into
the building, which moved around and were a trip hazard in themselves.

What We Did

Our inspection and survey recommended extending the current matwells to
provide a 6 metre walk-off, in line with H&S Guidelines for a building of that size.
We then installed a high-moisture retaining matting (Coral Duo) into the new
matwells and removed the loose-lay mats from the building.

The Result

Our new enlarged matting system solved the slip-problems on the ceramic tiles
All the foot-trafficked water was removed within the matwells, so the small
loose-lay mats were not necessary.
Our Client reported vastly reduced slip/fall incidents achieved at a fraction of
the cost of installing a new floor, with the beauty of the existing ceramic tiles

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